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SETA Accredited Qualifications
We offer a range of nationally-recognised, accredited qualifications applicable across all business sectors, as well as a growing number of industry-specific career development programmes. Our vocational qualifications are divided into bands of learning, based on the South African National Qualifications Framework (NQF) system. The NQF bands range from level 1 to 10, with level 1 being equivalent to a senior school certificate and level 10 equating to a doctorate degree, thus providing an occupational ladder of learning.
Generic Business Qualifications

Business Administration

This course is aimed at office and project managers.

HR Management

This course covers all aspects of human resource management.

Business Practice

This course builds professional skills for entry-level staff.

Marketing Communications

This course covers essential marketing skills.

Generic Management

This course provides essential managerial skills.

Project Management

This course builds essential project management skills.

New Venture Creation

This course provides essential entrepreneurial skills.

Industry Specific Qualifications
Contact Centre

Contact Centre Support

This course is aimed at contact centre agents.

Contact Centre & BPO Support

This course is for senior contact centre agents.

Contact Centre Operations

This course is for contact centre supervisors.
Finance and Insurance

Accounting Technician

This is an introductory qualification.

Certified Accounting Technician

This course gives foundation in finance and accounting.

Short Term Insurance

This course focuses on short-term insurance.

Long Term Insurance

This course focuses on long-term insurance.
Information Technology

End User Computing

This course provides a foundation in IT.

IT Technical Support

This is an introductory qualification.

IT Systems Development

This is a course for systems developers or programmers.
Real Estate

Real Estate

Get qualified for the property or real estate industry.

Wholesale & Retail Distribution

This course covers all areas related to distribution.