iFundi has pioneered a new approach to career education and development. Preparing you for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

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Advanced IT Pathways

·         An IT career with enormous earning potential

·         Minimum of two job interviews

·         Our lab helps you gain work experience

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The Challenge

“Business as usual” no longer works in today’s world. Companies are being forced to rapidly adapt their strategies and technologies. Education needs to be responsive to these changes, helping businesses and individuals to get new skills, while ensuring inclusivity and diversity.

Our Story

Our journey dates back to the early 2000s. We saw how businesses struggled to find candidates with relevant skills and experience, while millions of youth remained unemployed. Realising that our education systems poorly prepare students for the world of work, iFundi sought a way to bridge that gap.

Originally funded by Swiss government and businesses, iFundi has pioneered a new approach to career education and development. Today, we are at the forefront of developing the talent that is needed by individuals and businesses.

iFundi has a network of over 200 employers that are committed to developing their staff and giving school leavers an opportunity. We have helped over 20 000 iFundi graduates, gain a qualification, secure their first job and progress in their career.

How We Do It

1. We focus on skills that are in demand by industry.

2. Workplace experience or simulation are built into our curriculum.

3. In that way our learners do not only gain knowledge but the practical competence that makes them attractive to employer.

4. We offer over 20 qualifications in the fields of IT, Management and Customer Interaction.

5. The programmes are developed and taught by industry experts.

6. Our classes are facilitator led, either online or face-to-face.

7. We have built Ladders of Learning that lead from entry-level certificates to national diplomas, that eventually can convert into a degree.

Our Clients