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Skills for success

Accredited learning solutions for enhanced career and business success


Promoting Economic Transformation

As one of the first accredited training providers, i-Fundi has been at the forefront of learnership delivery for fifteen years. We have implemented programmes and helped secure employment for over 13,000 youth across multiple industries thus making a contribution to the transformation in South Africa. 

Creating Extraordinary People
i-Fundi’s mission is to create extraordinary people who are sought-after by employers. Our programmes transform people from within. They instill confidence, nurture a desire for excellence and impart the skills needed for success.
 Accredited for 20 SETA qualifications and over 100 short courses
Able to deliver programmes anywhere in the country
Access to best practice in learnership management and online accredited training
15 years of measurable performance improvements for clients
Building learners confidence and motivation to deliver results
Minimal disruption to your business operations
13,000 lives transformed through gainful employment

Our Quality Promise


Courses and learnerships completed on time


Learners complete i-Fundi programmes


Learners receive national certificates


Learners gainfully employed
Community of Experts
Our Community of Experts workshops address topics of common interest to practitioners of various professional communities. Facilitated by industry and subject matter experts, these events expose participants to new ideas as presented by the guest speaker and allow a forum for participants to engage, network and share experiences and best practice.

Community of Experts: May 2018

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