Learnerships are 12 month programmes that combine classroom workplace-based learning to achieve a nationally recognised vocational qualification. Learnerships are an innovative way for companies to recruit and develop their staff. They offer significant benefits for the employer such as:

  • Improved skills and service levels
  • Reduced training and recruitment costs
  • Lower salary costs without compromising quality
  • Attractive tax breaks for each learner
  • Enhanced  Black Economic Empowerment credentials
  • Increased staff retention and motivation
  • Contribution to job creation and industry professionalisation

Learnerships can be undertaken by employed (18.1) staff to improve their skills without the need to leave their place of employment. They can also be offered to new entrants (18.2) to the job market as a means of helping them gain skills and critical work experience, which is often the main barrier to securing employment.  Any of our qualification programmes can be implemented as a learnership.

Most SETAs release grant funding for learnerships and other skills development programmes to employers on a bi-annual basis. Visit our SETAs page for more information on SETA funding windows, our accredited programmes and partnering with i-Fundi on your next funding application

For more information on partnering with i-Fundi for implementation of learnerships in your organisation:

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Learnership Financing
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Why choose i-Fundi?


The i-Fundi difference

  • Course completed on time 100% 100%
  • Meet all SETA requirements 100% 100%
  • Learners retained in programme 90% 90%
  • Learners nationally certified 80% 80%
  • Learners find permanent positions 70% 70%


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