Workforce Management Training

Workforce Management 4 Day Course
Few roles have the kind of direct impact on the bottom line of a contact centre as those responsible for workforce management. There is however little formal training available for workforce managers, most of whom had to learn the skills on the job. Following the request from our ‘Community of Experts’ event on the topic we are glad to offer you a 4 day intensive workforce management.
The following topics will also be covered:
  • Definition, Calculations and Drivers/Inputs for forecasting, capacity planning & scheduling
  • Translation of forecasting & scheduling theories
  • Methods for user friendly representation of technical and analytical information
  • Introduction to the systems model of WFM
  • Capacity planning for solutions
  • Traffic planning & management
  • Piloting & the iterative process
  • Introduction of pro-active service model
  • Incorporation of revenue into WFM for business benefit analysis
  • Translation and communication approaches for delivery to manager/executives
  • Introduction to resource integration as a solutioning technique for contact centre’s
  • Identifying risk, risk mitigation and development of business decisions
What will be the benefits of attending? 
  • Practical Application of methodology and approach, regardless of coming from WFM background
  • Customizing to environments
  • Focus on value optimization versus cost cutting

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