I would like to share with you some thoughts on High Impact Learning, to highlight its importance to your organization. The reality is that the training efforts of organizations that have invested in High Impact Learning are far more successful than those who haven’t. When it comes to corporate learning, the expected outcome is that the learner is highly engaged and therefore has a higher propensity to retain knowledge. The simple fact is that traditional corporate learning often lacks alignment to business results, whereas High Impact Learning is closely aligned to business results.

What is High Impact Learning?

In the training space, every organization seeks to provide its employees with learning and development opportunities that are both targeted to their individual needs and produce measurable and worthwhile business results. High Impact Learning provides a practical and comprehensive approach for bridging the gap between employee and organizational goals and launching training initiatives of visible and lasting impact. High Impact Learning is the new arena for forward thinking organisations.

Where does your organisation fall on the spectrum?

For High Impact Learning to be successfully implemented, every learning event should include four main components: 1. Present content 2. Provide Practice 3. Engineer Feedback 4. Promote Reflection It’s an exciting world, and the High Impact Learning trend is starting to take shape within South Africa’s forward-thinking organisations.

Is your organisation ready to implement High Impact Learning?

The success of High Impact Learning in organisations depends on several factors: the readiness and openness of an organisation to share information in a comprehensive manner; the readiness of management to invest resources in developing a robust infrastructure; and the readiness of trainers to design learner-centred curriculum along an ever-expanding continuum of employee needs. There are several advantages for adopting High Impact Learning, but to holistically summarize for you, it assures organization-wide commitment to the strategies and processes that reinforce learning and development linked to business results. It really is a win-win solution. The revolution is here, embrace it! To further engage on this topic, I hope to see you at our next interactive, two hour Community of Experts workshop at 10h00 on 1st July at i-Fundi.

1st July 2016

I look forward to seeing you there.

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Director: Operations & Support Services

About Community of Experts

The Community of Experts Series addresses topics of common interest to practitioners of various professional communities. Facilitated by industry and subject matter experts, these events expose participants to new ideas as presented by a guest speaker and allow a forum for the participants to learn and share their experiences.

About i-Fundi

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