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Welcome to i-Fundi

i-Fundi is a private education institute providing high quality technical and vocational education and training (TVET) programmes and solutions for companies and individuals. We specialize in end to end learning management services for businesses wanting to up-skill new or existing staff. In partnership with some of South Africa’s leading companies, we have successfully trained and secured employment for over 10,000 youth.

Our vision is to make a difference to the organisations, communities and individuals we work with by creating extraordinary people. We achieve this by empowering individuals with the vital skills and knowledge that enable them to positively contribute to both their working environments and the overall South African economy. Our focus is on bridging the gap between companies who experience skills shortages and talented youth looking for employment opportunities. We look forward to partnering with you on the journey of learning and development.

What we Offer

i-Fundi provides a one-stop solution for host employers wishing to empower their staff with SETA accredited certificate programmes

Looking for cost-effective ways to recruit quality people, maximize tax saving benefits while reducing unemployment?

– See more at: https://ifundi.co.za/content/qualifications#sthash.tFVPQu4N.dpuf

i-Fundi offers a wide range of short courses to help employees or prospective employees reach their maximum potential in the workplace
We offer a variety of delivery and implementation options to meet your specific requirements and produce a measurable return on investment.
The Community of Experts Series addresses topics of common interests to the practitioners of various professional communities.

How can we help you?

Are you recruiting?

From our students and applicants we have the perfect candidates that are right for you.

Looking for employment?

In our list of jobs web might have the right one for you. We can also teach you to present yourself as a perfect candidate for your dream job.

Develop your staff

From basic skills sets to national qualifications, we can help your staff reach their full potential. Find out about our customised programmes.

Advance your career

Find out about our recognised qualifications that will upgrade your skill set to advance you to the next level.
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