Turn Your Sales & Marketing Into Real Profits


Professionalising the sales industry key to company success Sales is the life blood of every organization, yet as a profession it is still largely unstructured. According to international sales and marketing guru, Bill Gibson, professional selling involves continually walking into the world of uncertainty on a daily basis, certain of our success because we are practicing the winning habits, principles, skills, attitudes and processes of top sales professionals.   “As an organization passionate about vocational career development, we see the sales industry as a market ripe for development in terms of helping sales consultants and executives enter a ladder of learning and gain a professional qualification”, said i-Fundi CEO, Stefan Lauber, at last Friday’s Community of Experts at i-Fundi in Sandton.   During his energetic, three hour presentation to a packed audience, Gibson shared some of the sales and marketing secrets that he has successfully applied with clients in South Africa and North America. Captivating the audience with his humour and indepth knowledge gained from more than 40 years of sales experience, his tips on how to bust sales targets by finishing the year strong and starting the new year fast are gems for anyone in sales or account management.   Top 10 ‘Strong Finish’ tips before you leave   Plan or review your day the night before: Plan your daily activities the night before & let your subconscious work on it while you sleep. That will start your day with momentum. READ MORE.