Training From The Inside Out

The starting point for most corporate training is the need of the organization, which beyond any doubt is important. But ultimately, transformation is about winning over the hearts of each and every individual.

At i-Fundi, we start with the personal and progress to the professional. We help our learners discover how they hold the key to achieve their personal dreams. We not only discuss what to expect from the work, but show how they can link their personal aspirations with the goals of their employer.


Training  from the inside out


Employees work as members of teams. This requires that each person knows how to effectively interact and lead others with the necessary emotional intelligence. Our curricula, be it on the entry level, team leader, supervisory, or management level stress the development of interpersonal skills.

Our training also helps participants to understand their organization and business as a set of interconnected IIIIbn systems and processes, which are embedded in national and international contexts that influences a company strategy.