Terms and Conditions

If the course is not held for any reason, i-Fundi’s liability is limited to the refund of the full course fee.

Should course expectations not be met for any reason, delegates are given the opportunity to leave before lunch on the first day, and receive a full refund of the course fee.

Payment is due after the start of the course, unless other terms form part of our Supplier/Client agreement. Failure to pay on time does not constitute cancellation of the booking, and the Terms and Conditions applicable to Cancellations and Postponements as set out below will apply.

To avoid possible additional costs, WRITTEN NOTICE of any changes to your booking must be received at training@i-fundi.com within the following timeframes:


  • CANCEL WITHOUT COSTS: If you advise us BY EMAIL at least SEVEN calendar days before the course
  • PAY 50% OF THE COURSE FEE: If you advise us BY EMAIL less than SEVEN calendar days, but more than 24 hours before the course
  • PAY 100% OF THE COURSE FEE: If you advise us BY EMAIL less than 24 hours before the start of the scheduled course, OR if the delegate is ABSENT without notification
  • POSTPONEMENTS: WITHOUT COSTS: If you advise us BY EMAIL more than THREE working days before the course
  • WITH ADDITIONAL FEE If you advise us BY EMAIL THREE or less working days (R1,760 PER DELEGATE): before the course starts, or if the delegate is ABSENT without notification, but still wants the option of postponement. The invoice for the training remains due and payable as at the scheduled start date of the original course booked, and payment terms are not extended for postponements or exchanges to future courses.
  • Postponements must be utilised within a maximum of SIX months from the scheduled date of the original course booked, or the course fee will be forfeited. Once you have postponed, the CANCELLATION terms above no longer apply to the future course, and you cannot subsequently cancel the booking without being liable for the full course fee. Special promotions applicable to the original course dates will not carry over to the postponed dates where the new dates fall outside of the promotion period.

PRESENTERS: Should it be necessary, i-Fundi reserves the right to substitute the presenter.

COMMUNICATION: When a person registers on i-Fundi’s website, is registered on an i-Fundi course or sends an email to i-Fundi, that person consents to receiving communications electronically or otherwise from i-Fundi and/or its business partners.

DISCLAIMER: i-Fundi will not be held responsible for any loss, damage or harm, direct, indirect, consequential or otherwise and howsoever arising that may be caused to any person or property during the providing of any services by i-Fundi to the client.