i-Fundi has launched an FSB Regulatory Exam Preparation Programme to help companies with their compliance requirements. Where as typically only 20% of candidates pass the exam, the participants on the course have had a success rate of 80%

So far, less than 10% of insurance industry representatives have passed their compulsory regulatory examination, without which employees will not be able to practice their profession. Recognising the crisis, the Financial Services Board has extended the deadline for writing the exam until September, 2012. This allows companies to proactively prepare their staff for the exam, avoiding a last minute crisis.

“Companies need to help their employees to prepare for the exam. People are simply overwhelmed by the challenge” explains i-Fundi trainer, Gawie Benade. “Few people are able to prepare on their own for the exam. Our programme takes the fear of learning away and gives practical support to help people sail through the exam.” For more information on i-Fundi’s Regulatory Exam preparation programme, click here.