Presentation by i-Fundi's Stefan Lauber

i-Fundi CEO, Stefan Lauber.


e-Learning is the new tide in corporate environments, however, it is disconcerting to realise how many organisations have yet to implement this system in their work environments.

When it comes to e-Learning, the general consensus with regards to the challenges that organisations in implementing the system is that – change management is tricky, right?

There is another pervasive assumption that e-Learning is complicated and cumbersome. Beliefs range from “e-learning lacks the social interaction with other learners”, to “e-Learning is challenging because not everyone is computer literate, or has access to the internet and computer equipment”, to the final if not – most important realisation that organisations are simply not familiar with e-Learning and the possible benefits of implementing such a programme.

The bottom line is that the benefits of implementing e-learning, once you have navigated through the challenges, far outweigh the negatives.

i-Fundi recently hosted another successful Community of Experts event. This particular instalment attracted a variety of industry professionals and game changers. All these stewards gathered to discuss the dynamics of implementing e-Learning in the workplace – a vibrant discussion headed by i-Fundi CEO, Stefan Lauber.

Lauber took a moment to share a prolific exchange between father and daughter, which encapsulated for him the simplicity of e-Learning.

I have a teenage daughter who is attached to her phone. One evening, I encourage her to get off her WhatsApp and focus on her studies as it was during exam periods. True to form, she throws a comment and says, “But dad, I’m using WhatsApp to study!” Scoffing this comment off as an excuse, we then do the usual negotiation tug and pull.

This is until she decides to show me her group-chat on the App. I couldn’t believe my eyes. There, in the palm of my hands was an initiative taken by a group of 16 year olds to have a virtual study-session. They posed examinable questions to each other, interacted, debated and engaged with the study material through audio clips, photos and the chat function. “How amazing!” I thought.

No one introduced e-Learning to these children. As we all become more familiar with smartphones, the digital arena becomes less intimidating. As such, this group of 16 year olds simply took to the e-Learning concept as naturally as one takes to breathing.

The truth is – the future is sure to come, whether you like it or not”.

With all that said, here are the 8 reasons why your company should implement e-Learning in your organisation:

  1. It is cost-effective to deliver
  2. It can be used anywhere, anytime
  3. Learners spend little time off work
  4. e-Learning encourages flexibility as it can be deployed from anywhere
  5. It is an interactive platform which encourages engagement and better retention
  6. The platform is multisensory, and offers multiple learning styles
  7. Learners have a vast and rich access to online resources
  8. And the great news every employer loves to hear, is that e-learning ensures that learners spend little time off work.

There are various systems in place which help facilitate the implementation of e-learning in the workplace. These three key learning applications are namely: learning management systems (LMS), Content Authoring Tools, such as Adobe Presenter and Articulate. These are a programs that allows a non-programmer to easily create software with programming features. And lastly, e-Portfolios which replace paper based Portfolios of Evidence (POE), the learner’s work is assessed against SAQA Unit Standards, which lead to a certificate.

There is a wealth of potential waiting to be unlocked with the implementation of e-Learning, and organisations stand to gain than to loose. The workshop indeed affirmed that e-learning is where the future is headed.  “The whole event was very information with excellent knowledge shared”, said Training Manager at Nimble Group, Feroza Fredericks.

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