Supervisor on Steroids

Supervisor on Steriods 
Typically, top-performing contact centre agents are promoted to become team leaders with little preparation for their new responsibilities. This makes it difficult for the team leaders to meet their targets and to fully leverage the potential of the people who they supervise.
By developing your current and future team leaders you enable them to:
  • Have the skills needed to lead their team and improve performance
  • Develop their agents through coaching
  • Lead assertively and motivate the team
  • Interpret call centre statistics and take corrective action
  • Have a better understanding of your business which leads to better decision
  • Step up when your organisation needs supervisors
This programme is ideal for:
  • Improving the performance of your agents and supervisors (Our case studies show consistent improvement across the various key performance areas)
  • Growing and rewarding your most deserving staff
  • Building the pool of future team leader

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