Training managers not only lack funding but time, time to do anything other than what is most urgent. According to the i-Fundi sponsored Human Capital Focus Report; most in-house training focuses on company-specific training such as induction, products and systems. Most of that training is intended to make staff productive as quickly as possible. Since it is mainly geared to address the companies unique needs, only 31% of contact centre training is SETA accredited.

Accredited training is however a prerequisite for accessing the many government incentives. i-Fundi, as a leader in the field, has developed a deep understanding of the SETA processes, and can give your organisation the benefits of accredited training without getting trapped in compliance issues. We help our clients with applications for funding right through to the final certification of the learners, so that you can concentrate on the running of your business.

Working in partnership with i-Fundi gives you the advantage to:

  • Focus on your core business, which gives you the time to do what you do best
  • Take advantage of the available financial incentives, while we manage the administrative burden for you
  • Conduct training that you would otherwise be unable to offer to staff due to financial and time constraints
  • Present your staff with training that goes beyond operational concerns. This helps your staff to better understand your business, improve performance and create a solid foundation for their continued professional development. We understand that the participants need academic fundamentals, technical and life skills. Our training strongly focuses on developing the self-confidence and attitude needed for success.
  • Gain access to the industry’s best practices. Leverage our experience so you can avoid unnecessary mistakes.  Minimise the start-up time for projects required with our cost effective cutting edge learning material and practices, which allow you to benefit from our economies of scale. We are flexible enough to customise our approach to your unique needs.
  • We have strong project management expertise, which will reduce your risks and ensures that we will be able to meet your expectations.
  • Take advantage of the i-FundiWorx methodology so that your own projects meet the 100-90-80-70 Standard.