We hear it repeatedly from our clients: there is no shortage of jobs, but a shortage of skilled candidates.

South Africa is not alone. Sixty-five percent of CEOs participating in a recent global survey by PWC expressed concern about a limited supply of qualified candidates. The same number also worry about competitors poaching their staff as competition heats up.

With the growing shortage of talent, companies realize that they rather train and promote people from within their own company instead of hunting for the same few people that everyone else is targeting.
“But piecemeal measures won’t suffice,” the report warns. A longer term perspective to people development is needed, where talent is systematically nurtured and gown. Alternative solutions such as interships, apprentiships or learnerships are gaining in popularity.
i-Fundi specialises in the design and implementation of such programmes. Let us help you reduce your salary, recruitment and training costs by taking advantage of these types of programmes to create a reliable talent pipeline for your company.