Quality Assurance Training

Quality Assurance Course Content
Being able to offer consistent quality service on a large scale is at the heart of the contact centre value proposition. Nevertheless, quality management is an issue that most contact centres struggle with. These are the most common questions asked:
  • How to get the greatest value from your quality assurance department
  • How to achieve a common perspective in terms of quality
  • How to ensure that results are consistent and credible
  • How to link quality assurance, coaching, training and supervision
Our workshop will cover:
  • Why we do QA and how to ensure effectiveness
  • Confirm that you measure what your business needs
  • Effectively use information of customer engagement evaluations
  • How to make QA progressive rather than a ‘big brother’ on your operations floor
  • Getting value from the QA activity across all business areas within your organisation
This two day workshop will enlighten you to think differently about how Quality Assessments can truly add value and ensure a memorable interaction for all delegates attending.
Who should attend:
• Anyone responsible for the quality assurance activity and results within your contact centres.

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