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RE Exam: Where did all the advisors go?

The FinWeek article of 10 May 2012 (see attachment) paints an alarming picture of the lower than desired completion rate of the RE Exams in the financial services industry. To quote from the article: “According to the latest FSB stats more than 61% of all representatives – including people who worked in the sales force of the big insurers – still have to pass their exams”. Taken together with the fact that the FSB is refusing to extend the deadline for the completion of the RE Exam, this puts pressure on a large number of financial advisors.

Make sure you meet the deadline if you are in the financial services industry by calling i-Fundi on 011-290-5900, as we have the experience to help you pass the challenging exam.

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FSB RE Exam. No extension!

The FSB, in the attached circular (see bottom of page), reconfirms that it will NOT extend the RE Exam deadline. According to the FSB the industry’s needs for extra time was accomodated when providing an extension last year. The FSB is now adament that the deadline for RE 5 and RE1 of 30 June 2012 must be met. Please be advised that this is contrary to the hope of many people in the industry. Therefore, if you or anyone in your organisation has not completed the RE Exam, do NOT delay. Contact i-Fundi sales on 011-293-5900 to find out how we can help you.

Monyetla Funding 2012 – with additional information

Great news. The project manager for the next round of Monyetla funding has been appointed, with the request for proposals being published during the last weekend of April (27 – 29 April). See the attached RFP for details. We have summarised the key dates and documents required below. Please contact i-Fundi sales on 011-290-5900 if you would like us to assist you access and role out a Monyetla project in your company.

Key Deadlines:

 Submissions of Expressions of Interest 4 May 2012
 Submission of Proposals 18 May 2012
 Review Date 25 May 2012
 Contract Date 4 June 2012
 Completion Date 29 June 2013

Documents Required for the Proposal:

See the attachement for details. But in summary:

  • Four hard copies of proposals to be submitted to Paladin Consulting (Ground Floor, Building 26, The Woodlands, Woodlands Drive, Woodmead, Johannesburg).
  • One electronic copy submitted to kamenthia.subramoney@paladin-consulting.co.za.
  • The proposals should consist of
    • The proposal, including executive summary
    • Letters of Agreement to participate in the consortium
    • Consortium Agreement – detailed description of working arrangements
    • Project implementation plan
    • Detailed list of learners, employers, providers and recruiters
    • Signed learner agreements
    • CV of project manager
    • Learner selection policy and tools
    • Approach to curriculum development
    • Training certification with Services SETA
    • CV’s of trainers
    • Description of Quality Assurance Framework

Once again, please contact i-Fundi sales on 011-290-5900 if you would like us to assist you access and role out a Monyetla project in your company.

Services SETA Allocations

The Services SETA confirms that it has made the grant funding allocations and is currently in the process of notifying the applicants regarding their applications. i-Fundi will therefore be in a position to inform those companies who were our partners in applying for the grant funding in November 2011 the outcome of those applications, in the near future.

i-Fundi sponsored Human Capital Report launched

The Human Capital Focus Report sponsored by i-Fundi provides all the latest data and business intelligence related to the human capital aspect of the South African contact centre industry. With extensive reviews of vital topics such as the right sourcing, training, development, recognition, reward and wellbeing of staff, this report will give you and your management teams the vital information, trends and insights that will be necessary for you to make astute, knowledge-based decisions in 2010 and beyond.

 i-Fundi learner on 94.7 FM

When 94.7 FM’s Darren Whackhead Simpson made a prank call to Multichoice’s call centre, it was i-Fundi learner Dikeleti Seleko who remained unrattled and handled the call with aplomb. Stefan Lauber, the Managing Director of i-Fundi says:” We are very proud of her. She proves what over half of South African contact centres already know, namely that learnerships are a great way to develop quality people. Learners are an ideal solution for even the most challenging positions, such as those in the digital broadcasting industry.”

i-Fundi a Level Two BBBEE contributor

i-Fundi has just received a AAA, Level 2 BBBEE rating. Fariba says: “ Given our commitment to empowering people, it is not surprising that we have received the second highest possible score” . Anyone doing business with i-Fundi can now claim 135% of their spending with i-Fundi as part of their procurement score.

i-Fundi wins National Award

i-Fundi did shine again at these years National BPeSA Awards. i-Fundi, won the award for “Best Non-technical, Internal Innovation” for its i-FundiWorx monitoring and evaluation system, that ensures that i-Fundi consistently achieves the 100-90-80-70 standard for which is has become renowned.

BPeSA Supervisor Programme in KZN,

i-Fundi has just completed a contact centre supervisor development programme on behalf of BPeSA in Kwa-Zulu Natal. Selected from amongst a large number of  training providers by BPeSA, i-Fundi’s programme exceeded everyone’s expectations. All delegates could demonstrate a measurable improvement in performance amongst their team members. As Jackie Smith, the project leader, put it: “ It just shows i-Fundi’s training works.”

i-Fundi Mature Provider Status

The Services SETA has  granted i-Fundi the highest possible status that a training provider can attain. i-Fundi is now fully-accredited, or as the Services SETA calls it, a mature training provider. This status has been awarded after the Services SETA confirmed that i-Fundi meets all set quality standards. It confirms what our clients have known for a long-time, i-Fundi produces results that satisfy both the learners and their employers.