National Certificate in Occupationally Directed Education, Training and Development Practices

Working in the field of Learning and Skills Development?
This qualification is designed for learners who want to work in the field of Learning and Skills Development. Learners will have the opportunity to acquire the following skills:

  • The fundamentals of development practices
  • Setting quality and competency standards within the ETD field
  • Establishing and understanding skills development objectives nationally and within companies and organisations
  • Maintaining external and internal ODETD levels across 5 key ETD roles in a generalist capacity
National Certificate in Occupationally Directed Education,Training and Development Practices.

NQF Level 5

Credits: 128

Delivery Method and Duration:
For people new to this profession, the programme will be delivered over a 12-18 month period, consisting of classroom training followed by on the job learning. If a learner has already acquired the necessary knowledge and skills in the workplace, the learner should look to participating in the National Diploma programme instead.
Course Modules:
The 6 course modules cover the following topics:
  • Outcomes Based Assessments
  • The Learning Environment
  • The Learning Process
  • Moderation
  • Skills Development in the Workplace
Who should participate?:
Candidates who have workplace experience but lack skills in relation to ETD.  Candidates wanting to progress beyond the FETC ODETD field or wanting to build on a FETC in any area with a view to establishing ODETD as a potential career.
Number of contact days:
Approximately 18 classroom days over an 18 month period (includes completion of assignments, workplace research and portfolio of evidence building).
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