National Certificate: Contact Centre Support NQF 2

South Africa’s call centre industry has doubled in size in the last five years. Skilled and experienced contact centre agents are in short supply. Call centre salaries have increased considerably faster than the rate of inflation. Seventy percent of all new agents are now appointed without any prior call centre experience. The only sustainable solution to these challenges is to increase the pool of well-trained agents.

This programme is especially designed to prepare new entrants to work in the call centre industy. On completion of this programme, candidates are ready to perform. Our experience has shown that the commitment and motivation of agents undertaking a learnership is usually better than an average agent in a call centre. Learners reciprocate the opportunity given to them with a willingness to work for a lower salary and with greater commitment to the company. This results in noticeable improvements in schedule adherence, absenteeism, retention, service provided and quality of calls.

This programme is structured around five main development areas:
– Working in a Call Centre
– Making and Receiving Calls
– Computer Skills
– Working in a Team
– Problem Solving in the Workplace

Participants will learn:
– Professional behaviour in the workplace
– Customer service skills
– Communication skills
– Exchanging information with a customer
– Resolving customer queries
– Handling complaints and escalations
– Taking ownership and resolving problems
– Inputting and retrieving information from computer systems
– How to work as a team member

Benefits for your company
• Attractive tax breaks for each learner hosted
• Reduced training and recruitment costs
• Lower salary costs without compromising quality
• Improved staff retention
• Improved service levels
• Contribution to job creation
• Earn Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Points