MultiChoice Flex Programme

To help Customer Service staff prepare themselves for the future, Multichoice is launching a 3 year Career Development Programme in conjunction with iFundi.

You can choose from five career areas, including Human Resource Management, IT Networking, IT Programming, Marketing, or Supply Chain Management. Multichoice’s aim is to help you grow into future careers that can take you places. Programmes are offered as one year, standalone national qualifications that you can complete without taking time off work. Depending on your interest and work performance, your studies can be continued year on year, culminating in a 3-year, National Diploma qualification. 

Programmes are suitable for those without tertiary qualifications. They start at NQF Level 4, which is equivalent to Grade 12 (Matric), and can go up to NQF Level 6, which is equivalent to a National Diploma qualification.

We invite you to browse through the programme descriptions; download and have a closer look at the courses guide , and apply for the programme which suits you best. iFundi looks forward to helping you reach your career goals and being part of your learning journey.

Career Programmes

Human Resource Management

Human Resources

People are at the heart of all organisations. There is always a need for professionals able to support and develop HR processes and practices, such as recruitment, induction, training and development and performance management.

If you are passionate about helping people grow, this is the right career for you. This programme helps those interested in an HR profession to take the initial steps in developing the skills and knowledge needed to work in Human Resources and creates the framework to help prepare for future management roles.

Supply Chain Management

IT Networking

Big organisations rely on computer systems in all areas of their corporations and decision-making processes. IT departments and professionals play a crucial role in ensuring the correct running and maintenance of IT system in all areas of their operations and decision-making processes.

IT Networking professionals develop and maintain the computer systems and networks of an organisation. They may install and configure computer systems, diagnose hardware and software faults, instal updates and solve technical and application problems.

IT Programming: Systems                                                                              Development (Digital Skills)

The world of Information Technology is constantly changing as the world moves rapidly into the digital age. IT Programmers are required to create, maintain, audit and improve the software systems within an organisation.

The work of a Software Developer or Programmer is one that requires a strong technical component and a desire to keep learning. The function can extend to include database management, web-programming, multimedia, writing code and more.

Specialise in in-demand digital skills including, data analytics, robotics, cyber security, machine learning and cloud computing



Good marketing is key to the success of any organisation. Marketing produces the leads that businesses need to prosper. It is the creative and targeting process by which products and services are introduced and promoted to potential customers.

This programme covers the full marketing spectrum from advertising, public relations and promotions to sales and is aimed at people who wish to develop an understanding of marketing principles and practices.

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management involves the handling of the flow of goods and services from raw manufacturing of the products through to consumption by the consumer. This process requires an organisation to have personnel to manage a network of suppliers to move the product through each stage.

Supply Chain Management is one of the largest professions spanning all industries and every sector worldwide. This programme offers aspiring professionals the opportunity to enter this important career without an advanced degree.

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