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Learning Solutions

i-Fundi improves business performance by empowering people with the knowledge, skills, and behaviour to achieve outstanding results. We offer a variety of delivery and implementation options to meet your specific requirements and produce a measurable return on investment.


Finding good people is difficult. It therefore makes sense to systematically grow talent from within your company. Learnerships, similar to apprenticeships, combine workplace- and classroom-based learning to achieve a nationally recognised vocational qualification. Learnerships are a new and alternative way for companies to recruit and develop their own staff. Read More

Customised Skills Programmes

Companies often need to train their staff to address issues in key performance areas. As time away from operational duties translates directly into lost earnings, training programmes must be effective, relevant, and concise. i-Fundi offers a range of skills programmes that addresses the challenges experienced by your company and that focus on your corporate goals while encouraging employees to develop an approach that is in line with your specific service and sales requirements. Read More

Recognition of Prior Learning

Many of your existing employees may be highly competent in the skills required to perform their job, but do not have any formal qualification or means of recognising their abilities. This can limit their career growth potential within your organisation or pose a problem should they need to be able to prove their talent to a new employer. Read More


i-Fundi has taken its training and learnership systems online, allowing learners to build and store their Portfolios of Evidence electronically. The advantages for learners and for the company is substantial. Read More

Learnership Grant Funding

Would you like to secure SETA grants for learnerships more regularly and with less administrative burden? Many SETAs release grant funding for learnerships on a bi-annual basis and offer funding for unemployed learnerships to any company, regardless of which SETA you belong to.  By partnering with i-Fundi as your lead employer and training provider,  your organisation can take full advantage of increased learnership funding opportunities and benefits with less hassle. Read More

BBBEE Solutions

BBBEE codes are more demanding than ever. i-Fundi can help you meet your company’s BBBEE skills development targets. Learn more

Learning Project Management

The successful management of learning projects is one of i-Fundi’s core competencies. As project managers, we offer a one-stop solution. Read More

Sponsor a Learner

Is your company struggling to meet BBBEE targets for skills development? The new BEE codes require companies to implement SETA-accredited learnerships for employed or unemployed learners as part of your spend on skills development. This can be a problem for companies with budget constraints. If you can’t increase your headcount, but still need to spend on skills development for compliance purposes, then i-Fundi’s Sponsor a Learner programme is a great solution. Read More