An Update to Services SETA grants

We have received many enquiries from companies who have applied for learnership funding from the Services SETA. The current status is as follows. Funding will be allocated in two waves. Firstly, companies who have applied for funding to train their current staff (18.1) should be invited soon to attend an information session that will explain the Services SETA’s allocation and way forward. Employers will receive a copy of the proposed contracts, which they will be able to sign and then return. This should happen within the next month.

The second wave of contracts will be for the enrollment of unemployed learners (18.2). Companies should by now either have received a letter of regret or site visit to confirm that they are able to accomodate the requested new learners. If you are in doubt we suggest that you contact the learnership department of the Services SETA. Feel free to discuss any issues that your facing with i-Fundi.