Seta Accredited Training

Our qualification programmes impart the knowledge and skills required to help graduates secure employment and excel in their work. Our programs focus on business vocations required across sectors but also industry-specific qualifications.

Services SETA

We specialise in NQF3 and NQF4 qualifications for contact centers, project management, business practice and real estate.

Insurance SETA

We offer short term and long term insurance qualifications.

Wholesale and Retail SETA

The courses offered are for wholesale an retail operations and distribution at NQF3 and NQF4.

Media and Information Technology SETA

We have courses in information technology as well as Film production. Our IT courses extend from NQF3 to NQF5.

Banking SETA

Our banking training specialises in NQF4 and NQF5 qualifications.

Local Government SETA

We offer qualifications in Committee Governance and Leadership Development.

Education, Training and Development Practices SETA

We have courses for Assessor Training, Moderator and Facilitator training as well as learning material development.

Financial and Accounting SETA

We offer qualifications for accounting technicians at NQF3 and NQF5.