Studies have shown that a basic training intervention can improve productivity by at least 16%.Our i-FundiWorx methodology ensures that whatever is taught in the classroom is applied in the workplace, which leads to clearly measurable performance improvement and a guaranteed return on investment. The training we offer has been proven to change contact centre performance for the long term – change that positively impacts the bottom line through increased client satisfaction, retention and loyalty, decreased operating costs, and increased sales.

For example, a large national telecommunications company saved R 15.2 million as the talk time was reduced by 23.1 seconds per call. First call resolution improved by 8%, which means a saving of R2.5 million. Schedule adherence improved by 7%.

FundiWorx focuses on three main components:

  1. Getting the right things done correctly so that work is carried out as effectively as possible and a standardised implementation of agreed best practices is ensured.
  2. A highly effective monitoring system tracks student progress and alerts management to any implementation problems and triggers corrective action.
  3. i-Fundi’s proprietary evaluation tool tracks each project’s impact and return on investment, thus ensuring that training leads to clearly measurable performance improvements.