Impact of Covid-19 on 2020 BBBEE Compliance

Fariba Bowen

How will the Covid-19 pandemic influence annual compliance targets? Will SETA grants still be available? How will the skills levy payment holiday affect your plans and targets? Will there be any relief in terms of compliance? These questions were the topic of focus at our recent Community of Experts, held for the first time as an online event last Tuesday, 26 May. Digitalising the workshop enabled us to enjoy attendance and participation of over 120 HR practitioners from around the country.

Andrew Bizzell, Managing Director of The BEE Chamber – a 14,000 member strong consultancy – gave an indepth presentation on the ‘new’ BEE landscape, with a particular emphasis on how Covid-19 impacts on BEE compliance.


Anusha Mariemuthu, CEO of AM2PM Consulting, has had the advantage of many years experience working for an international corporation, leading its transformation efforts. Over the last few years, she has provided insights to corporate clients on best practice in terms of compliance and transformation. In her presentation, she explored the practical implications of Covid-19 and how practitioners must respond.


Stefan Lauber has been the CEO of iFundi for the last 20 year and works with a large number of blue-chip companies around skills development. He unpacked the need for a successful transition towards digitalisation in the HR and skills development space and showcased the online learning, recruitment and project management solutions that iFundi has worked on for the last few years.