The world of work is changing rapidly. Technology is replacing old jobs, while digitalisation creates new jobs. Get the skills that prepare you for tomorrow. Whether you are already employed, or new to the world of work, make your next move with iFundi. Future-proof your career with one of over 20 accredited programmes in in-demand skills areas


People with a degree or qualification earn twice as much throughout their lives compared to those with a High School certificate only.


Of the most successful people make bold moves from one job to the next. Typically, their new job includes 40% new skills.


Of today’s workforce might lack the necessary basic digital skills that the employers want in 2030.


People with a qualification are three times less likely to be unemployed than those with only High School certificate only.

How We Can Help

We understand that when you embark on further and higher education, you make a great investment of time and money and you want to know that your efforts will be worthwhile. iFundi is more than just an educational instition – we are leaders in career development.

Your future employers are looking for people with practical skills and experience, as well as emotional intelligence. Our courses are developed and taught by experts with industry backgrounds. We keep our classes small and intimate so that facilitators can attend to your personal needs.

iFundi programmes are structured to help you work and study at the same time, allowing you to earn an income and gain that all-important experience while you study. This is what you can expect when you study with us:

Quality Learning

Enrol in one of 20 international qualifications or 100 short courses. Our courses are facilitator-led and offered online or in person.

Personal Support

Studying is not always easy. We support our students in multiple ways: through our facilitators, workplace coaches and our learning advisors.

Career Guidance

In what direction would you like to develop your career? Connect with one of our career councillors who can assist you and clarify where to your next steps.

Job Interviews

We help you find the job that you are looking for. Having new skills, will put you in demand with employers. We help the participants who participate in their own capacity secure two job interviews.  

“The best investment you can make, is an investment in yourself. The more you learn, the more you’ll earn.” Warren Buffett

Ladders of Learning

Our qualification programmes help you to move from one level of study to the next, from introductory to advanced levels. Whatever your starting point is, you can acquire the skills that will help you level up your career.  

Focused Skills Programmes

As the world is changing faster than ever before, life-long learning is a necessity. iFundi is constantly developing its programmes to meet the requirements of employers, helping you stay at the forefront of your career.

Work Integrated Learning

Lack of work experience is one of the biggest hurdles that you may face in breaking into the job market. Our programmes include workplace simulation labs and practical workplace experience components to ensure that you are job-ready.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Over time, you will gain a plethora of new skills, whether it is through on-the-job learning or various short courses. For those who have skills and experience, but no formal qualification, our Recognition of Prior Learning programme, can help you to fast track receiving a formal qualification that will help you to get ahead.