Upskill Your Workforce

According to research from Deloitte, people now rate the “opportunity to learn” among their top reasons for accepting a job offer. Business leaders know that changes in technology, work practices, and business models have created a tremendous demand for continuous, life-long learning. As businesses continuously transform, they proactively need to ensure that their employees have the talent and skills needed to succeed.


Of CEOs are worried about the lack of skilled people.


Of employees need retraining (Forum).


ROI when staff are properly trained.


Of staff will stay longer if the receive investment in training.

How We Can Help

As a Learning and Development Manager, your work is crucial for the success of your organisation. iFundi can assist you to stand out in your company and to ensure the success of the training programmes that you offer to your staff. We provide:

Accredited Learning Programmes

We offer over 20  accredited qualifications and 100 short courses.

Programmes are delivered online or in person. Our classes are facilitator-led to give the students the personal assistance required to succeed.

Project Management

We work hand-in hand-with you to ensure that your projects are executed with excellence.

Our online portal provides real-time insight into the status of each learning project.

Proven Return on Investment

Businesses need to know that their investment in training produces results.

Together we are able to measure the impact of everyone’s programmes


More than ever, it is important that a company’s learning strategy is aligned to that of its business.

iFundi is at the forefront of skills development. Our experts are readily available to assist anyone.

“Organizations have to act differently. Creating shareholder value can only be done in conjunction with taking care of employees, customers and communities. And that includes the responsibility to help people learn new skills, adapt for future jobs and to become creators of talent”

Jonas Prising, CEO, ManpowerGroup

Learnership Programmes

We deliver learnership programmes utilising a combination of online and face to face learning methods, according to your roll-out needs.

Learning materials, assessments, live-facilitated or video-based training sessions and real-time client reporting are accessible on our zero-rated eLearning portal.

Ladders of Learning

iFundi offers a Ladder of Learning that progresses learners from one level of competency to the next. Through this approach, learners can eventually earn a degree.

Focused Skills Programmes

As the world changes faster than ever before, life-long learning is a necessity. iFundi is constantly developing its programmes to meet the requirements of changing technology trends and skills required for the new world of work..

Talent Pipelines

When hiring, companies typically look for people with many years of experience for a particular position. With a growing scarcity of skills, we work with industry experts to create pools of talent from which employers can recruit

Work Integrated Learning

For training to have an impact it is important that it is linked to what happens in the workplace. Our learning material is therefore developed by industry expert and include a large number of practical learning activities and applied projects.