Human Capital as a Force Multiplier

Commitment to the ‘People, Process, and Technology’ (PP&T) concept has never been more prevalent among businesses. Large firms, small firms, service firms, product firms, global firms, and regional firms alike – all, it seems, have adopted this likeable phrase as a presentation staple.

Like most popular business terminology, it has become a familiar inclusion in PowerPoint decks worldwide because it is grounded in a degree of truth. Any firm’s success or failure can usually be attributed to one or more elements of this triad, or more precisely, how one element worked exceptionally well with the others—or failed to do so. But given the ease with which “people, process, and technology” rolls off the tongue, it can be easy to begin to continuously group them together as three equal and homogeneous concepts. In reality, the most successful businesses consider each element—and its proper weighting and role in organizational execution—individually and carefully. Increasingly, organizations are realizing that people, process, and technology do not carry equal weight in organizational design. People, process, and technology do not require the same type or degree of attention and interaction in order to succeed. In this white paper, we examine each element of this triad and establish a working framework that a company in any industry can use to grow revenue and profit, increase customer satisfaction and retention, and develop a sustainable competitive advantage…

Human Capital Multiplier