Preparatory programme to help you pass the RE exam

The Regulatory Exam can be a daunting task. i-Fundi has developed a programme to ensure that you pass your exam by giving you exactly what you need to tackle the task and sail through the exam.


Financial Services Board Regulatory Exam Level 1 Preparations

Typically only 30% of all learners pass the Regulatory Exam Level 1. There are several reasons for this:

  • The exam covers detailed legal issues that require extensive memorization.
  • The Financial Services Board manual is technical in nature and requires a command of English that is beyond that of most learners for whom English is often their second language.
  • The learners are expected to prepare for the exam through self-study, which requires substantial self-discipline, particularly if one considers that most of the participants work long hours.
  • The study skills of most learners are ‘rusty’ since they have typically not studied for some time.

Most programmes currently offered provide only 2 days of contact time as the learner’s are expected to do most of the study by themselves after hours. To improve the learner’s chance of passing the exam, we have developed a programme specifically aimed at the busy professional. We::

  • Provide a printed version of the training material and preparation guide from the Financial Services Board, which is close to 300 pages. This will allow learners to study irrespective of their location. We also highlight the most important sections and write comments into the manual. This is contrary to the typical situation where learners only receive an electronic copy to save on printing costs, which is not in the interest of learning.
  • Increase the classroom contact time to make sure learners get enough exposure to the subject matter. To keep costs low, the number of training days is often reduced. We believe that this is counterproductive because if a learner fails additional costs will be incurred for the rewrite of the exam, not to count the opportunity costs of having a shortage of qualified agents to do the work.
  • Facilitate classes using interactive adult learning principals to help with understanding and recall:
    • A PowerPoint presentation and a workbook of learning activities is provided
    • Learners will receive a crib sheet that summarises the content of each chapter
    • Each session will start out with a review of the previous chapter and a discussion of any questions and difficulties encountered
    • Each day will have a particular focus on what is referred to as the “qualifiying criteria” that were developed by the Financial Service Board. These criteria also inform the questions asked in the Regulatory Exam
  • Refresh the study and exam writing skills of the learner, we will therefore
    • Provide an overview of the content covered in the exam
    • Discuss with the participants how to best study and prepare for the exam
    • Teach the learner’s how to deal with the anxiety of writing exams and, in particular, writing multiple body weight muscle building easily build your choice exams
  • Assist the learner and the employer in tracking progress through on-line assessments:
    • Learners are asked to prepare themselves for the next class. Each learner then takes an on-line multiple choice self-assessment prior to each class and a post-test again after each class
    • Each test covers a chapter of the training manual. The learner receives instant scores on completion of the test, showing which answers were answered incorrectly. At the end of the course, the learner will take a mock exam to assess his/her state of preparedness
    • The test also provides valuable feedback to the facilitator regarding which questions the learners struggle most with and which learner’s are falling behind.
    • The employer will be able to track the progress of their staff..

Details:Duration: 7 days
Cost: R 4400