Further Education and Training Certificate

Film & Television Production

NQF Level 4


Why study Film & TV Production NQF Level 4?

Studying Film and TV Production is a multifaceted pursuit that intertwines artistic expression, technical proficiency, and cultural relevance. This qualification offers a creative canvas for crafting compelling narratives, while simultaneously imparting essential technical skills in areas like camera operation and editing. This comprehensive programme not only opens the door to diverse career opportunities within the industry but also fosters an enriched awareness of the intricate interplay between storytelling, technology, and societal impact, making it a rewarding and illuminating endeavor.


Who should study this course?

Technically Inclined Individuals: Film and TV production involves a lot of technical aspects, including camera operation, lighting, sound recording, and post-production editing. Those who are technically savvy and enjoy working with equipment and software may find their niche in these areas.

Creative Individuals: People with a passion for storytelling, creativity, and a strong visual sense are well-suited for this field. Writers, directors, cinematographers, and production designers are examples of creative roles in the industry.

Visual Artists: Artistic skills, such as painting, drawing, or graphic design, can be beneficial in fields like set design, costume design, and makeup. These roles help create the visual elements of a production.

Storytellers: Writers, screenwriters, and scriptwriters are essential for crafting engaging and compelling narratives. They need to be skilled in developing characters and plotlines.

Course Outcomes

At the end of the Film & TV Production Level 4 qualification, learners will be able to:

  • Organize and manage information about film or television production activities according to specified requirements.
  • Determine film or television resource requirements for specific production processes.
  • 3Plan film or television production activities to meet given requirements.
  • Assess film or television production processes against given quality requirements.
  • Implement film or television production processes as directed within an area of specialization.
  • Control film or television operations according to specified business principles.

Programme Outline

  • Orientation and Managing Individual and Team Learning
  • Introduction to Film and Television Production
  • Building and Managing High Performance Work Teams
  • Introduction to Script Writing
  • Managing Diversity
  • Managing Conflict
  • Visual Literacy
  • Information Gathering & Management Systems
  • Sound Recording
  • Research Methodologies
  • Camera Operations
  • Project Management
  • Sound and Video Transfer
  • Film and Television Production Management
  • Film Editing


Qualification details
  • Programme ID: 78965

    Number of credits: 165

Why choose i-Fundi?


The i-Fundi difference
  • Course completed on time 100% 100%
  • Meet all SETA requirements 100% 100%
  • Learners retained in programme 90% 90%
  • Learners nationally certified 80% 80%
  • Learners find permanent positions 70% 70%