Further Education and Training Certificate
Human Resources Management
NQF Level 4

Why study Human Resources Management and Practices Support?

Organisations require persons who are able to support and develop human resources management processes and practices.

This Human Resources Management and Practices Support NQF Level 4 Qualification helps learners take the initial steps in developing skills and knowledge needed to work in Human Resources and creates the framework to help prepare for future management roles.

Who should study this course?

This HR Management and Business Practices Qualification is for anyone wanting a career as:

  • Human Resources Junior Generalist
  • Human Resources Practioner
  • Human Resources Officer
  • Human Resources Administrator

Course Outcomes

On completion of this Human Resources Management and Practices Support qualification, the learner will be able to:

  • Perform administrative duties related to human resources management and practices.
  • Support the implementation of procedures and systems in the following:
    • Strategic planning
    • Acquisition, development and utilisation of people
    • Establishment and improvement of labour and employee relations
    • Compensation and administration related to human resources management and practices
  • Collect, collate, and distribute information related to human resources management and practices.
  • Provide advice on or refer to appropriate person in response to queries on organisation procedures related to human resources management and practices.
  • Demonstrate basic understanding of people dynamics and impact in the workplace.
  • Demonstrate basic understanding of the functioning of business and the role and contribution of individuals within organisations.
Programme outline
Module 1. Recruitment and Induction
Employment relations in an organization, implementation and utilisation of equity-related processes, recruit and select candidates to fill defined positions, induct new employees, represent stakeholders in consultations and discussions on matters that arise at shop floor level.
Module 2. Training and Development
Analyse the skill-development legislation and apply it in the workplace, apply knowledge of HIV and AIDS to a specific business sector and a workplace, perform one-on-one training on the job, access legal contracts for business, use of language and communication in occupational learning programmes.
Module 3. Legal Issues in Human Resource Management
Manage individual and team performance, supervise staff to achieve departmental objectives (individual and teams,) and assist and support learners to manage their learning.
Module 4. Communication studies and language
Read, analyse and respond to a variety of texts, interpret and use information from a variety of texts, write texts for a range of communicative contexts, write for a wide range of contexts, accommodate audience and context needs in oral communication, engage in sustained oral communication and evaluate spoken texts.
Module 5. Mathematical and basic business skills
Apply basic business concepts, use the writing process to compose texts required in the business environment, apply knowledge of statistics and probability to critically interrogate and effectively communicate findings in life related problems, represent, analyse and calculate shape and motion in 2- and 3- dimensional space in different contexts, use mathematics to investigate and monitor the financial aspects of personal, business, national and international issues.
Qualification details
  • Programme ID: 67463
  • Number of credits: 140

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