Developing HR Business Partners Workshop
Human Resources practitioners are under increasing pressure to support organisations to be more efficient and effective; and to deliver better results through their staff, in businesses that are often under pressure themselves to keep shareholders and customers happy.

This necessitates HR practitioners becoming strong business partners to the organisation, understanding and delivering on the business needs of line managers, and assisting in the execution of strategy at all levels.

In the two-day Developing Business Partners Workshop you will gain:

  1. Insight into value creation and how it is maximised in any organisation.
  2. A set of tools, and the skills and confidence to use them, to identify and realise opportunities to maximise value.
  3. Insight into individual and group behaviours and how they can be modified.
  4. Consulting tools and methods and knowledge on how to use them.

The programme is based on the Classic 10 business simulation in which incrementally complex opportunities and challenges are presented. Teams then make decisions using business tools in response to these; measure the outcomes; and reflect on them. Insights from the simulation are then applied to the respective organisations and a set of business and consulting tools are provided and applied.

Outcomes of the programme

The skills and confidence to:

  1. Help individuals, teams and business units add greater value in the work they do.
  2. Provide input in strategy formulation and execution.
  3. Manage people to increase their productivity (minimise cost and maximise output).
  4. Continue developing your Business Partner capacity.

You will leave the programme with at least two actual opportunities to enhance the productivity of the managers and staff in your organisation.


Your investment in acquiring this new skill set will be R7 900.00 for the two-day programme.

Next programme dates

20/21 September 2017

Nick Denoon-Stevens   3M Training   +27827854559   nick@3mtraining.co.za