Develop your staff

“The number one expectation of the Employer of Choice for the millennial generation is DEVELOPMENT”

The 2020 Workplace, Meister & Willyerd

Offer your employees the opportunity to study and obtain accredited qualifications without denting your training budget!

As a result of ongoing cost pressures, companies can typically only sponsor the development of a select few.  Most of the training provided is either business-critical or compliance related.  Without providing their staff opportunities for growth, employers struggle to instil a sense of meaningful commitment. This in turn leads to attrition which costs companies millions each year.

We have worked hard with our clients to find a way for people to continue their development even if the training budget is limited.

  •  i-Fundi will assist staff in obtaining funding for their selected programs
  • Employers don’t pay for training but provide staff with the benefit of time to attend classes. As you show that you care about your employees, they will be more committed and engaged.
  • For each staff member that completes a full qualification, the employer will receive the associated incentives:
  • Substantial tax rebates – you can save up to R 16’800 per learner!
  • Improved staff retention – Case studies show significant improvement
  • Additional BBBEE scorecard points
  • Increased productivity and performance

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