Business Administration Services NQF Level 4 – Why consider this qualification for your Company?

The Further Education and Training Certificate: Business Administration Services NQF 4 course is essentially designed to prepare learners to become better administrators within any organisation.

Let’s face it, Administration skills are essential to areas of the business that include for example, marketing, finance, operations and office management.

Furthermore, this qualification will prepare current learners for future professional growth within the organisation and with such a broad skill set, these learners can be deployed to various positions within the company as well as within the economy.

Is this course SAQA Certified?

The Business Administration Services course is certified through SAQA. The course ID is 61595 and requires a minimum of 140 credits to qualify.

What skills are taught in the Business Administration Services NQF Level 4 course?

This qualification will provide administrators/learners with knowledge and skills in:

  1. Management of Records
  2. Comprehension of written and verbal texts
  3. Business Writing
  4. Problem Solving
  5. Ethics
  6. Self-Management
  7. Project Teamwork
  8. Business Policies and Procedures

What job functions would be suitable for a Business Administration Services NQF Level 4 qualification?

Learnerships would be ideal in the following job functions:

  • Secretarial services
  • Reception services
  • Switchboard operations
  • Financial Administration
  • Banking Administration
  • Personal/executive assistant services
  • Technical assistance
  • Typing
  • Data capturing
  • Systems administration
  • Human Resources administration
  • Basic Contracts Administration
  • Legal Secretarial services
  • Reception supervision
  • Change administration and management
  • Relationship management
  • Project coordination.

What are the requirements for learners?

The learner requirements for the National Certificate in Business Administration Services NQF Level 4 include:

  1. Are currently working in an administrative capacity but have no formal qualification and want to advance their career opportunities.
  2. Have recently been placed into an administrative position and require further skills and knowledge in administration services.

Benefits of implementing a Business Administration Services NQF 4 Learnership for the organization?

  1. Improved work performance by improving the skills levels of employees.
  2. Future advancement. Employees will have the opportunity to advance their skills further in the future through more advanced training programmes also to the interest of the organization.
  3. BBBEE benefit. The organization will benefit in terms of BBBEE requirements and Employment Equity targets and Skills Levy contributions.
  4. Needs of the organization. By investing in learnerships, the organization will have the opportunity to develop a group of suitably qualified employees for its specific employment needs.
  5. Significant tax savings. Companies are eligible for a minimum tax-break of R 60 000 for every learner who completes the full qualification. Given the corporate tax rate of 28 percent, companies save R16 800 per learner. With the introduction of the Youth Employment Tax Incentive, companies can save an additional R12 000 that can be deducted from monthly PAYEE payments for each learner below the age of 29 years.
  6. Making a contribution to the development of South Africa. By enrolling staff on the programme companies can demonstrate their commitment to Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment and improve its BEE score. This also helps the company in its marketing. If structured properly, up to 15 % of the total BBBEE score required can be achieved through learnerships.

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