Urgent: Boost Your 2024 Skills Plan: QCTO Updates, AI Readiness, & Latest EE Act

The Workplace Skills Plan submission deadline is fast approaching. While compliance is essential, this is also your chance to maximize the impact of your Learning & Development (L&D) initiatives.

That’s why we’re thrilled to invite you to our free “Community of Experts: Learning & Development in 2024” online event. This event is designed to deliver valuable insights from top South African L&D professionals, helping you shape a future-proof strategy.

Here’s a glimpse into what you’ll learn:

  • Aligning Your Learning Strategy with Your Company Strategy: Gain insights from Josef Mofokeng (Telkom SDF) as he shares his 20 years of experience in preparing staff for the constant changes in technology.
  • QCTO Updates & Implications for Your L&D Plan:

Paul Dlamini (former Services SETA Executive) will guide you on how to respond as all legacy qualifications will expire by the end of June 2024. He will explain how that will affect your training plans and your BBBEE score.

  • Navigating Changes in the Employment Equity Act: Anusha Mariemuthu (BBBEE/EE Consultant) will break down the latest EE Act amendments and their implications for your organization.
  • Preparing for the 4th Industrial Revolution and AI: Joel Perry and Stefan Lauber (iFundi) will reveal strategies to future-proof your workforce in an era of rapid technological change.

With 87% of executives rating “building the workforce of the future” as their #1 priority (PwC), the role of the Learning & Develop Manager has never been more important.

Secure your spot today! This event is completely free for the L&D community.

The Future is here: Embrace the Transformative Power of the 4th Industrial Revolution

The Future is here: Embrace the Transformative Power of the 4th Industrial Revolution

Let’s be honest, technological advancements are reshaping our lives exponentially; with operating system software updates being a normal part of our daily routine. Naturally, we have to mutate our skills and abilities to keep up with the ever changing digital landscape and welcome the innovative solutions at the cutting-edge of technology.

iFundi will soon be hosting the first Digital Master Skills Masterclass Programme, designed and curated with the modern learner in mind. If empowering yourself with the digital tools to remain in the lead in your industry or career is something on your agenda, a comprehensive, seven programme Masterclass by iFundi is right up your ally.

The smartest way to tackle the nuances of the new age of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Technology in business or in the workplace is to educate yourself. By being an active user of these new technological advancements and gaining insights from industry experts, one gains invaluable expertise and learnings that can only make you a better performer in your field.

A lack of understanding of the future of the Robotics Industry for example, has the potential to crumble brands that grew on the backbone of their blue collar workforce. Those that fail to welcome it efficiently, run the risk of falling behind competitors who leverage automation to gain a competitive edge.

With brands and businesses taking their services into the “Metaverse” and beyond, equipping yourself and your business with the tools to comprehensively understand cyber threats and data breaches helps protect one’s digital footprint and cyber identity. We also want our clients to know that their confidential information is safe at all times. It is imperative to learn how the transformative power of an impactful and well protected internet presence, can yield mutual business connections; a community of loyal supports, and financial gains. Embracing Robotics as the face of the 4th Industrial Revolution empowers you to optimize processes and reduce costs, thus enhancing operational efficiency.

Artificial Intelligence can be used to augment productivity and help one gain a competitive advantage in the job market by automating repetitive tasks and keeping you ahead of schedule with performance trackers and automated reminders; all the little ways tech has helped make us better.  Data analytics can now unravel hidden patterns and trends, helping you anticipate your client or future employer’s pain points and provide potential solutions.

As businesses create a digital presence, the need for protection of digital assets and protection of personal information and confidential data becomes more apparent. There is no better time than the present to invest in understanding these technologies to gain strategic advantage and anticipate you’re the needs of your clients. AI has proven proficient in providing personalized customer experiences, leveraging data analytics to optimize operations and robotics have shown innovative solutions to scalability.

As we said, the future is being shaped by technological advancements. And to keep up with the future is to equip yourself with the knowledge and understanding of these technologies. So we put together the seven key themes that will play key roles in the activation of the 4th Industrial Revolution now, pre-packaged them as 60 minute programmes that can be attended virtually or in-person, and brought it right to you, your future leaders.

We at iFundi invite you to join the Digital Master Skills Masterclass 2023. This exclusive programme offers limited seating and we highly advise you register today, for a secure career tomorrow.

Are you ready?

Impact of Covid-19 on 2020 BBBEE Compliance

Impact of Covid-19 on 2020 BBBEE Compliance

Fariba Bowen

How will the Covid-19 pandemic influence annual compliance targets? Will SETA grants still be available? How will the skills levy payment holiday affect your plans and targets? Will there be any relief in terms of compliance? These questions were the topic of focus at our recent Community of Experts, held for the first time as an online event last Tuesday, 26 May. Digitalising the workshop enabled us to enjoy attendance and participation of over 120 HR practitioners from around the country.

Andrew Bizzell, Managing Director of The BEE Chamber – a 14,000 member strong consultancy – gave an indepth presentation on the ‘new’ BEE landscape, with a particular emphasis on how Covid-19 impacts on BEE compliance.


Anusha Mariemuthu, CEO of AM2PM Consulting, has had the advantage of many years experience working for an international corporation, leading its transformation efforts. Over the last few years, she has provided insights to corporate clients on best practice in terms of compliance and transformation. In her presentation, she explored the practical implications of Covid-19 and how practitioners must respond.


Stefan Lauber has been the CEO of iFundi for the last 20 year and works with a large number of blue-chip companies around skills development. He unpacked the need for a successful transition towards digitalisation in the HR and skills development space and showcased the online learning, recruitment and project management solutions that iFundi has worked on for the last few years.

iFundi helps Corporates to Sponsor Bursary Students

iFundi helps Corporates to Sponsor Bursary Students

Fariba Bowen

The recent amendments to the B-BBEE codes require employers to spend 2,5% of their annual payroll on bursaries for black students at Higher Education Institutions.

The changes in the Skills Development element of the scorecard introduced a split in the 6% overall target into two parts: 3,5% for accredited programmes and 2,5% for bursaries. All companies doing verifications after 1st December 2019, have to implement these new targets to gain maximum points.

As a Department of Higher Education & Training registered skills institute offering nationally-recognised qualification programmes, corporates can now take part in the iFundi Bursary and Scholarship Programme. In supporting this programme, your company can meet its compliance requirements, while helping economically challenged and deserving black learners applying to study at iFundi, to finance their studies.

It is important to note that the overall Economically Active Population (EAP) demographic representation of black persons in South Africa also applies to the compliance target set for these bursaries and scholarships and will have to be taken into account in the calculation of points.

Expenses on scholarships and bursaries for employees or their family members are allowed, as long as the grant is not conditional on the company recovering any portion of the expense. The following conditions are allowed:

  1. the obligation of successful completion in their studies within the time period allocated; or
  2. the obligation of continued employment by the Measured Entity for a period following successful completion of their studies is not more than the period of their studies.

Over 18,000 youth have completed their studies and secured full-time employment through iFundi, With online and face to face training options and full administrative support, managing bursaries is simple and meaningful

Contact us for more information, or call our Bursaries Coordinator, Reggie Leseane on 011 290 5900, or reggie@ifundi.co.za.