Career Development for Sales Professionals

Selling is a people’s business. Not surprisingly, having the right sales people is what makes all the difference. Attracting and retaining good people is not easy. “How can I find good sales people?” is one of the most frequent question that sales managers ask themselves. Companies make large investments to bring new sales people on board. Firstly, while recruiting, then training them and until the consultants sell more than they earn. Only one in ten candidates produce the expected results. Those who succeed are worth their weight in gold, not only to you but also your competitors. Poaching is therefore rife. Growing your own talent is one of the most economical and effective alternatives. Companies have little choice – whether they have to strengthen their ageing sales force, make it more representative or to comply with various regulations. i-Fundi can help your sales professionals excel. Together we can develop the talent you need to succeed, while meeting the various compliance requirements.


Find & Retain
The only way to reduce the shortage of skilled people is to train new talent. It will also allow you to mould the people according to your own culture.


Sales is the life blood of any company. Teach your consultants how to exceed target by giving them the necessary tools to succeed. It is no secret well trained staff perform better.


Career Pathing
Sales is the path to the top and riches. Yet few have the necessary qualification. Deepen the knowledge of your staff and lay the foundation for their advancement.



Numerous regulations have been put in place to promote transformation and protect the customer. Many industries demand that your sales people have a national qualification.

National Certificate in Marketing & Sales

National Certificate in Short or Long-term Insurance

National Certificate in Real Estate