A New Way of Learning and Working

Stefan Lauber

Although eLearning has been around for a long while, we now have no other option but to embrace it. iFundi has been at the forefront of SETA-accredited learnership management for nearly 20 years. Like others, we have had to adapt to a rapidly changing environment.

In the last three years, we have been developing our online delivery capacity. The latest version of our eLearning portal includes video conferencing for facilitator-led classes, complemented by video tutorials, online learner guides and assessments for self-paced learning.

The video provides you a quick overview of our solutions, including a collaboration tool to help manage projects remotely and an online recruitment platform to assist with remote screening and selection of staff and learners.

Feel free to contact us for a personal demonstration of our solutions, to help you prepare to continue to deliver training in the time of COVID-19.