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At iFundi we offer a wide range of programs aimed at career advancement. From cutting-edge IT skills to dynamic project management and specialized fields like real estate and insurance, our qualifications are placement-assured and offer in-demand skills through AI-powered learning. Take the opportunity to elevate your career. Navigate industry challenges and emerge as a leader in your chosen field.

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Embrace the future as we lead you on a journey in the ever-evolving world of IT. iFundi’s Accelerated Certificate in IT Digital Skill sets you up with in-demand digital skills including, data analytics, robotics, cyber security, machine learning, and cloud computing. Our online programme, guided by industry experts, awaits you. In just 2 quick years, you’ll be armed with the skills to conquer the IT world

Possible Career Path: Data Analyst, Machine Learning Practitioner, Cybersecurity Analyst, Automation Specialist.


Get ready to level up as a tech expert with our thrilling IT systems qualification. Unlock the secrets of IT systems and programming. From designing mind-blowing software to seamless installations, testing, and maintenance, you’ll be the wizard behind the scenes. Embrace the challenge, ride the wave of change, and blaze a trail in the ever-evolving realm of Information Technology! Your path to long-term success in an IT career starts here!

Possible Career Path: Programmer, Web Developer, Help Desk Analyst, IT Sales Representative.


Gain the power to lead teams and master the art of project management today! With a project management certification from iFundi, you can jumpstart your career and gain the knowledge and abilities you need to succeed in any line of work, whether as a project manager, team leader or team member. iFundi’s Project Management qualification allows you to plan, execute and control projects like a pro!

Possible Career Path: Project Manager, Project Management Consultant,  Project Coordinator,  Project Assistant


Craving leadership impact but squeezed for time? Our flexible, one-year management qualification empowers seasoned professionals like you to accelerate into leadership roles. Master essential skills, gain strategic insights, and deliver actionable results – all through our practise-oriented programmes that are delivered online to fit into your busy schedule. Invest in yourself, emerge a confident leader, and transform your career – within a year.

Possible Career Path: Team Leader, Manager, Executive, General Manager, Consultant, Entrepreneur.


Do you desire freedom, flexibility, and better income? Unleash your entrepreneurial spirit and build a fulfilling career in real estate. Our comprehensive program equips you with the negotiation skills, industry expertise, and market knowledge to dominate this dynamic field. Imagine setting your own hours, closing lucrative deals, and crafting a life fuelled by purpose and prosperity.  Take control of your future – invest in real estate, invest in yourself!

Possible Career Path: Estate Agents, Letting Agents, Property Managers, Property Valuators 


Many great careers have been launched in contact centres. Our program opens doors to diverse, fulfilling roles in customer service, sales, and debt collection. Master essential skills like communication, problem-solving, and teamwork – then go beyond. Learn to leverage data, navigate quality procedures, and confidently lead teams. Take the next step to advance your career.

Possible Career Path: Team Leader, Contact Centre Agent, Sales Consultant, Credit Controller


Equip yourself with essential skills in navigating risk management through iFundi’s specialized certification program in short-term insurance. Tailored for diverse roles, it focuses on assessing, managing, and mitigating short-term risks, empowering you to handle insurance confidently. Gain expertise to excel in the dynamic world of short-term insurance.

Possible Career Path: Underwriting Agents, Internal Broker Consultants, Reinsurers


Obtain the skills to excel in long-term insurance with iFundi’s certification. Master risk management for various roles like insurance advising, actuarial work, and risk consultancy. Gain expertise in assessing long-term financial risks and navigating complex insurance policies confidently.

Possible Career Path: Term Broker Consultant, Client Liaison Officers, Product Developers or Corporate Benefits,

Marketing or Life Administration

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